My Trip To Aarhus with Blast Theory – Part 1

Thought I’d write about something big that happened to me recently for my first post; a two-part account of my trip to Aarhus.

Currently I’m a Masters student living in Hull, which will be City of Culture for 2017. As a student with a bit of free time, I wanted to get involved as soon as I could, so I met with the cultural arts group Blast Theory in November for their project 2097: We Made Ourselves Over.

In a workshop with around 12 young people, we were discussing what the future would look like in 80 years time. Ideas ranged from multicultural world leaders, to hybrid cars and colonising Mars for more fossil fuels. Based on how well we did, five would be chosen to go on the cultural trip to Aarhus in Denmark, and I got a phone call from Blast Theory the following week saying I would be going on the 14th-16th December. I couldn’t believe it! I just wanted to get the next few weeks out of the way so I could go!

So at roughly 5 in the morning on the 14th, I, with Blast Theory and four other young participants, set off for London Stansted to fly out to Denmark. We got to Stansted at 9 and flew out at 11:20, touching down at 14:00 in their time zone, finally getting to the Cabinn Hotel for half past 3. That’s when I went into my hotel room and let it all sink in: I’m abroad without my parents in a new country, working on a project for City of Culture having been featured on the local radio station this morning in England. Could it get any better?

Most of the project involved visiting art galleries and getting to know the Aarhus young participants, so that night we went to a restaurant for a meal, and then to a board game cafe where I destroyed them at Monopoly. Great game to make friends, I know!

That was me with the houses and hotels! But at least they didn’t need a helpline to get over it. Seriously, they actually made a helpline for Monopoly players, have a look.

The next day, we visited many great places, like the Godsbanen, where people make penthouse suites out of ship containers:


The meaning behind it is more beautiful than it looks, they host workshops, they’re fully functional, they can do whatever most cultural artists can do, but with using scrap metal and a bit of intuition.

All this, alongside the great works of art they had in the ARoS gallery, really inspired me give it everything in the coming workshops. I’ll have a slideshow ready here so you can look at the exhibits:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For a project in which we predict the future, you may ask how all this seems futuristic. All these issues concerning love, race, perception and history are constantly ongoing and evolving, so it only feels right to create a vision based on human issues, because they really decided how far technology has come in the past. Brilliant inspiration for the workshop!

I hope you enjoyed reading this, and hope you’ll stay intrested for Part 2, when I will be going into the workshop, and conclude this amazing trip.

Thank you all for reading, stay weird and normal!



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