I’m George!

I’m a 22 year old Master’s Student at the University of Hull, still trying to find some direction. People tell me that I have to have my life planned out, like when I’ll go into a full time job or when I’m gonna start a family. While planning ahead is useful, it can make everything seem quite dull if its that predictable. There’s always something around the corner that’s not in the script, and I find that exciting.

That’s really where my blog, Being Weird and Normal, comes from.

To me, balance is the most important part of life. I could decide I don’t listen to everything people say about me, but what if someone gave me sound advice? Or I could decide I will solely listen to everyone’s opinions, but where’s my sense of dignity? The answers to both questions have probably crossed your minds, and you’re right in whatever answer you have. We are all different.

And there shouldn’t be a problem with that, so it’s a shame that it is a problem to people. I’m not perfect, and I have trouble dealing with it. Being on my own doesn’t always help; sometimes I hear the voice of bullies in school telling me to shut up. It’s hard to get over it when I’m not talking to people, but I figured the best way to solve your problems is to have a bit of help.

So this is my therapy session. And I hope I can appeal to people who felt the same lack of confidence as I did, because if we can solve our problems, its best to do it together.

I hope you enjoy Being Weird and Normal!